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Bryon Bay  – The Surfer’s Paradise!!

Originally posted on tightaroundtheworld:
Firstly it’s been a month travelling and now it’s just getting too much! Sejal has been driving me crazy!  Anyway Sejal survived and our next stop was Bryon Bay known for its surfing. So my…

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Nani’s “Chips” Shaak (Dry potato curry)

As many of you know, all of my family (including my Nani) live in England.  And in addition to their weird accents, they use funny names to describe their potatoes.  They refer to potato chips as “crisps,” french fries as … Continue reading

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Pratibha’s Dhokla

In honor of my visit to Nani’s Kitchen (literally), Nani’s Kitchen is back!  Dhokla is a savory, fluffy, cake-like breakfast/side dish that our family has been making for generations–it is a gujarati specialty.  Nani remembers learning how to make it … Continue reading

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Pratibha’s Baingan Bharta (Eggplant Curry)

In our family, we all have the one thing we order when we go to an Indian restaurant.  For Meera and I, it’s matar paneer (peas and cheese curry) and a garlic naan to go with it.  Occasionally we will … Continue reading

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Rajas Con Queso

The obsession with Rajas Con Queso began a few years ago when visiting a local Chuy’s.  My friends and I would go there just to eat this and one day, our waiter told us that it is no longer on … Continue reading

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Chocolate Mousse..with a twist

Chocolate mousse is one of the best creations…EVER.  I’ve been wanting to make it for a while now but the ingredients are very discouraging: heavy cream, 6-8 eggs, sugar, chocolate, etc..Ah!  When a craving comes along, I go to Whole … Continue reading

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Pratibha’s Mung

Pratibha learned this recipe after she moved from London to Florida.  Nani told her how to make mung over the phone (a family tradition), and after many years of practice and some slight modifications, this recipe is her masterpiece.   … Continue reading

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