Pratibha’s Dhokla

In honor of my visit to Nani’s Kitchen (literally), Nani’s Kitchen is back!  Dhokla is a savory, fluffy, cake-like breakfast/side dish that our family has been making for generations–it is a gujarati specialty.  Nani remembers learning how to make it from her mother and mother-in-law back in Kenya, and all of her daughters continue to make it. The interesting twist in this particular recipe is … Continue reading Pratibha’s Dhokla

Jasu Aunty’s Samosa-like Appetizers

Jasu Aunty’s samosa-ish appetizers are a necessary dish at family parties (along with Illa Aunty’s baklava).  They are just as delicious as samosas (if not better) and require much less time to make! Servings: 10-12 people Ingredients: 1 packet of Puff pastry – mine contained 2 rolls 2 cups frozen peas 1 medium sized potato, chopped finely 1 medium sized onion, chopped finely 1/2 teaspoon … Continue reading Jasu Aunty’s Samosa-like Appetizers