Hovan Gourmet’s Vegetarian Rolls

This recipe is one that I have been searching for for years.  I little bit of history:  Kiran, Sunil, Seema, Nalinimasi, and myself would often spend our days at Southpark Mall in the summer.  As a break from shopping, this was always our favorite snack. Ingredients: Technically you are supposed to use Armenian “lavash” bread – but mediterannean flat bread works just as well garlic … Continue reading Hovan Gourmet’s Vegetarian Rolls

Party Guacamole

Thanks to Deborah Thomas for this delicious guacamole recipe that has been making appearances at our dinner table for about 30 years!  The trick to this recipe is using fresh vegetables and plain yogurt (non-fat yogurt is fine). Directions Chop onions, tomatoes (cherry tomatoes if you have them), cilantro, and green/red/orange/yellow peppers if you have them. Cut a ripe avocado in half, scoop out the … Continue reading Party Guacamole