Urmil Aunty’s Punjabi Paalak Paneer

Paalak paneer is a traditional punjabi dish.  I started making it more often in the last 15 years or so — my kids really enjoy it.  It’s easy if you have the paneer ready ahead of time.  And it’s a great party dish. Servings: about 8 people Ingredients: 2 10 oz. packets of frozen spinach (chopped) 1-2 tbs. ghee (or butter) jeera (cumin seeds) Red … Continue reading Urmil Aunty’s Punjabi Paalak Paneer

Urmil Aunty’s Homemade Paneer

Lots of people buy paneer, but I still think that homemade paneer tastes the best.   Making paneer from scratch takes time, but it is not labor intensive.  It also involves lots of waiting, so you can get other things done in the meantime. Whenever I am making a paneer dish, I make the paneer at least a day in advance.  I also always have … Continue reading Urmil Aunty’s Homemade Paneer

Urmil Aunty’s Aloo ki Roti (roti stuffed with potato)

Aloo ki roti has been in our family for a long time.  It is very easy to make and all of my children and grandchildren love it.  Aloo ki roti is great for lunch, and is best served with yogurt, green chutney, and/or achar (indian pickle) Servings: 2-3 rotis Ingredients: 1 cup of whole wheat flour 1/2 cup water 1 potato — I prefer Russet … Continue reading Urmil Aunty’s Aloo ki Roti (roti stuffed with potato)